• Co-organizers

    The Association for Global Debate

    Promotes debate across the world. The AGD believes that interscholastic competitive debate is universally valuable because it promotes self-expression, cultural understanding, critical thinking, and civic discourse. The AGD is committed to connecting high school-level debate organizations across the world to experts in debate education, by overcoming social, economic, and bureaucratic barriers. The AGD empowers local students to compete in debate, both by supporting existing debate competitions across the world and by organizing new debate tournaments in partnership with local communities. In 2015, the AGD supported the Asian Schools Debating Championship in Kuala Lumpur, the NTU-Fuhsing Open in Taipei, and the CISB-AGD Invitational in Beijing. The AGD also collaborates with Harvard College Mentors for Urban Debate to organize debate tournaments across East Asia for gifted local and international students.

    The National High School Debate League of China

    The largest foreign language debate league in the world and is the exclusive partner of the AGD in China. The NHSDLC supports debate across China by hosting competitions in 33 cities across the country, conducting free training for 50,000 students per year in over 400 schools and hosts yearly the Chinese National High School Debate Championship, which last year was the largest ever in Asia.

    The NHSDLC is works with the Yale Debate Association, Penn for Youth Debate, the Chicago Debate Society, and the Stanford Youth Debate Initiative. Each year, the NHSDLC’s China National Debate Championship is the largest Public Forum debate tournament in the world held outside of the United States and ranks among the largest in the world. The NHSDLC’s work has recently been featured in the Los Angeles Times, the Chronicle for Higher Education, and the China Daily.

    Sunrise International Education

    Sunrise is a social enterprise based in Beijing and New York devoted to promoting international education reform and international engagement. Sunrise’s philosophy is that extracurriculars are the unsung heroes of Western education, imparting generations of students with the skills and confidence to excel in the classroom and beyond. Extracurriculars thrive by inspiring passion in students and can teach skills like critical thinking, innovation and leadership, that are the crucial traits of every thriving society, and cannot be taught in a traditional classroom setting.

    Sunrise promotes activities including debate, business simulation, Model United Nations, robotics, and acting. From our main office in Beijing we travel to local communities, give public lectures to generate interest, conduct school training, host tournaments, camps, overseas trips and other large-scale events. Through this model, we aim to empower our students to create their own communities through our activities and equip them with skills to meet the challenges they will face whatever they choose to do.

  • Why Debate

    Debate is one of the most popular extracurricular activities in the world. It shapes students into more confident leaders, more sophisticated thinkers, and more skillful writers. By encouraging students to develop their own arguments and engage with those of their opponents debate prepares students for university-level writing and research, challenging them to master these skills early on in high school. It is for these reasons that colleges and universities look favorably on debate experience, which confers as much as a 30% advantage in today’s competitive admissions landscape. Above all, debate is fun. It is an immensely rewarding and challenging intellectual activity; It causes people to engage with challenging and controversial ideas in a safe and friendly environment; And it brings together some of the most gifted and articulate students from across the world who shape each other’s mindset and become lifelong friends.

  • Students Can Expect to Learn the Following

    Presentation and Public Speaking

    Students can expect to improve substantially as public speakers, developing the confidence, fluidity, and poise necessary for high speaker scores.

    University-level research skills

    Students will learn how to use sophisticated electronic and library databases that they will need to use in their university studies. Institutes work with university library faculty to make sure that students understand how to use complex databases and improve their search techniques.

    Important concepts in the humanities and social sciences

    Students often develop a strong interest in political theory, philosophy, and psychology during debate camp. Many debate topics relate to these topics, and our staff are experts in applying philosophy and political theory to debate. Students can expect to develop a solid theoretical foundation in these disciplines so that they are better equipped to develop nuanced and interesting arguments at debate tournaments.

    Cultural immersion

    The AGD does not simply teach debate and philosophy; we steep attendees in a diverse academic culture with students from all over the world. All of the faculty of our institutes attend or have graduated from leading British or American universities, and several hold post-graduate degrees. Debate institute faculty offer a window into the academic and intellectual culture of some of the most famous institutions in the western world.

    A Network of Lifelong Friends

    Debate camps allow students to forge lifelong friendships with other ambitious, intelligent, and open-minded students. Debate camp classmates often reconnect in university or in the professional world, and it is their common experience and community that makes these networks of friendships so deep and rich.

  • Sample Schedule

  • 2016 Staff

    Our staff, as coaches or competitors, were the Champions, Finalists, or Top Speakers of:

    The Tournament of Champions

    The Harvard Invitational

    The Columbia University Debate Invitational

    The Oxford Intervarsity Competition

    The Durham Open

    The Victory Briefs Round Robin

    The Barkley Forum @ Emory University

    Wake Forest

    Blue Key

    Laird Lewis

    Vestavia Hills

    The Scarsdale Invitational

  • Staff Bio

    Samuel Lewis

    Among these finishes are late elimination rounds and top-seed breaks at Wake Forest, Laird Lewis, and Blake, as well as 3rd place finishes at George Mason and The Sunvitational, and 6th place finishes at Harvard and the North Carolina State Championship. Sam has amassed numerous bids to the Tournament of Champions during his debate career, attended several Round Robins and has qualified to CFL Nationals three times.


    Jakob Urda

    He was the champion of the Columbia University Invitational tournament, as was the #2 ranked debater in the country during his senior year, collecting 12 bids to the American National Championship Tournament, the Tournament of Champions. Jakob was also the champion of the George Mason University, Blake, Ridge, Malcolm A. Bump memorial, and Scarsdale tournaments. 

    Eilene Yang

    As juniors, Eilene and her teammate Loften reached the quarterfinals of the Tournament of Champions, the finals of Florida Blue Key, qualified for NFL Nationals, and reached elimination rounds of Yale, Wake Forest, and Harvard, were she was also the 7th speaker. Loften and Eilene are currently among the top 10 ranked debate teams in the United States (as of November 15, 2015).

    Sebastian Ix

    Sebastian is the two-time champion of the Wake Forest tournament as well as the champion of the and the North Carolina State Tournament and the Sunvitational Round Robin. He has finished in semi finals at George Mason and the Crestian Tradition. Additionally, Sebastian finished in quarterfinals at Harvard, CFL Nationals, Blue key, and Laird Lewis and was named 3rd speaker at Emory. Sebastian has earned 15 bids to the TOC, qualifying to the tournament since his sophomore year.

    Loften Deprez

    As juniors, Loften and his teammate Eilene reached the quarterfinals of the Tournament of Champions, the finals of Florida Blue Key, qualified for NFL Nationals, and reached elimination rounds of Yale, Wake Forest, and Harvard, where he was also the 6th speaker. Loften and Eilene are currently among the top 10 ranked debate teams in the United States (as of November 15, 2015).

    Gavin Newton-Tanzer

    Gavin Newton-Tanzer won top speaker at Columbia and advanced to elimination rounds at Princeton, Harvard, and Columbia. He was also the Connecticut state debate champion. He graduated from Columbia University with a BA in International Relations in 2011 and has been a Visiting Scholar for the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy.

    Alex Borwick

    Alex Borwick has been involved in debate for over ten years and has taught debate for three years on five continents. As a university debater, she was ranked among the top ten policy debate teams in the country. After graduating from the University of Richmond in 2013 with a degree in Philosophy and Economics, Alex became the London program director of for Debate Mate, a charity that brings debate education to under-served, inner-city students.

    John Harper

    John has taught high school debating professionally and run a number of debating organisations, events and websites. During his career as a competitive Debater across Europe he has finalled as a speaker and judge at numerous competitions and been selected as an independent adjudicator for the World Universities Debating Championship, Asian Schools Championship and three times for the European Championships. 

  • Program Details


    Residential Tuition: $2,000 (all-inclusive room and board)

    Commuter Tuition: $1,000 (lunch and dinner only)

    Dates: July 5-18, 2016

    Early Phase Registration Deadline: February 1, 2016

    Location: Philadelphia

    Optional Added Services for International Students: Flight Booking Services, American SIM Cards, Chaperoned Group Travel to and from the United States, Health Insurance


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    US: +1 718 559 9208

    CN: +86 010 59002305